Zendure A Green Energy Future with the SuperBase Pro

Zendure A Green Energy Future with the SuperBase Pro

With gas prices soaring above six dollars, and inflation rising ditching the dino juice fossil fuels (oil/gasoline) will yield cheaper energy costs, and a smaller carbon footprint. Did you know? The Superbase Pro can be recharged to 80% by solar energy in one hour! Say goodbye to fluctuating gas prices and have over 2000 watts on demand with the push of a button using the Superbase Pro.


It is time to ditch the internal combustion engine and move towards more efficient methods of storing and producing energy. A gas generator needs to be run regularly to ensure it can mechanically function when needed to produce energy, and to circulate lubricates. Preforming these test/run cycles waste fuel and produces unnecessary air pollution. There is also the cost of maintaining a gas generator, which should be regularly serviced by a professional mechanic. There is the hazard of storing flammable fuels in and near your home. Store flammable fuels can pose a fire risk, and poisoning risk. Spending the time to go out and purchase more gas can be a hassle. And if gasoline is left to sit for too long, the fuel can gel, and be left useless. Have you ever tried sleeping near a gas generator in operation, a restful night of sleep is impossible due to the constant noise of the generator. Lastly any fuel combusting engine has to be operated outside. Due to the smelly poisonous exhausts fumes, a gas powered generator cannot be used inside a home or confined space.


Switching to a battery system like the Superbase Pro will yield a push button solution to a reliable power source, that can be recharged using a verity of energy sources. The Superbase Pro is maintenance free, never requiring a service. There are no moving parts needing to be serviced or lubricated. The Superbase Pro does not need to be test cycled. No fuel needs to be stored to ensure the operation of the Superbase Pro. You can operate the Superbase Pro inside your home or any confined space. Silent operation with the Superbase Pro, no noise pollution. The Superbase Pro produces no exhaust fumes, it is one of the cleanest sources of on demand energy. Power a whole home of appliances or production equipment with the Superbase Pro’s 2096-watt output. 


A solar renewable energy future with the Superbase Pro. By purchasing the optional Solar Panels for the Superbase Pro, you can stay charged up all sunny day long. Just find a nice bright sunny spot and setup the solar panels to collect all those free rays of sunlight.


Save even more money by recharging the Superbase  Pro using your local utilities Time of Use Rates. Utility companies now offer very affordable eclectic rates during off peak usage times, called Time of Use. These eclectic rates can be as low as $0.08 per kilowatt hour. Which means the Superbase Pro can be charged for about $167. Check with your local utility provider, to see if they offer Time of Use Rates.


Step into the renewable energy future with the SuperBase Pro and this amazing zero interest  deal on 36 payments. Monthly payments as low as $83 a month. Don’t miss out on this sweet deal, and the opportunity to join the energy revolution with a Superbase Pro.